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Naruto The Movie 4 Preview : With English Sub-title

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Naruto Manga 444 Spoiler

Nagato and Naruto start discussion
2black roads comes up from nagato's wheelchair and attack naruto in his chest

Nagato - using that roads - shows how jiraya and kakashi died
Nagato thinks to control naruto but it isn't so.

Konan: Even if he's so close he rejected nagato's chakra. What a guy!
Naruto sais that it was planned and his eyes start mixing frog style's eyes and kyuubi style's eyes.
Naruto: i cant forgive you, now let's finish that.
And he attacks Nagato but then he stops and he asks Nagato about his past.

Nagato starts talking
Nagato: I felt pain twice. First time when my parents got killed
and here flashback starts

During the ninja war my family escaped. we hid into an house but 2ninja came in looking for food. Nagato's mother told him to stay hide.
Then his parents attacked ninja and they were killed by enemies.

Enemy saw nagato and then he asked "why do privates should be in the middle of that war? Im sorry kid"
right that moment a storm started outisde. the ninjutsu it's from a konoha ninja.

Nagato: "aaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Rinnegan was shown

Naruto Manga 418 & 419


Naruto shippuden episode 78-79 subbed part 1



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